Who’s this Jesus?

Throughout JoKars Wild we refer to Jesus. You might be wondering who He is and how you can know Him too.

Now let me make a disclaimer. I am not a theologian. These are just my words based on what I know of scripture as a whole. If you want to know more, don’t take my word for it, take God’s Word for it. Get a Bible and read it.

OK…most people know that Jesus was a man who lived long ago, some would say a great teacher. But that’s not the whole story. He was a great teacher…who claimed to be the son of The God! So Jesus was either an insane lunatic or truly The son of God. Think about it.

So why on earth would this guy make this claim? What is the purpose? Well, we have to go back a little in order to get the answer. Now, to be a god, you would have to be powerful, smart, and possibly perfect. Well, God, the one true God, is all powerful, all knowing, and completely perfect. He created the world and everything in it including you and me.

Now why would He create you and me? Well, He wanted someone to watch over all He had made…kind of like His right hand man. But we weren’t so good at being His assistant. We botched things up. But it was doomed for failure. I mean, how could we as lowly human beings ever measure up to the almighty perfect God? Oh, believe me we all have tried. We try to do the “right” things, but in the end we always mess things up. Our punishment from God because of our messing up is death. Not one human ever has lived his or her life perfectly and avoided death. As is said in the “Green Mile”, “we all owe a death.”


Jesus comes on the scene about 2000 years ago and lives a perfect blameless life. He doesn’t mess up, not even once. How could this be? Since He doesn’t mess up then that means He shouldn’t have to die, right?

But here is the kicker. He does. This sinless, perfect man dies. Not only is He perfect, He heals people, He cares about them, He feeds them. He pours out all His wisdom, love, and power to all those around Him…and then He dies.

But all is not lost.

When Jesus died, He didn’t take His own punishment, ’cause He didn’t do anything wrong, no, He took ours. Yours and mine. Everyone’s, in that one simple and extraordinary act.

He took our punishment, and then…

God brings Jesus back to life. Why? Cause He is God! It is like He claimed…He is the Son of God, not only that, He is God in the flesh! Then Jesus gives us the Holy Spirit and goes up to heaven, so that He can intercede for us on our behalf to God.

So by dying, Jesus has made it that our messing up is no longer a problem. Well, that is if we are willing to thank Him for it. That is all Jesus is asking for.

This is the part people seem to have a problem with. They believe in God. They believe that Jesus was real and that He is the son of God. BUT they do not believe that the only way to heaven is through faith in Him. I mean, how can a God who is love exclude so many?

Here is the best way I can explain it.

Say there is this really wealthy guy having a party. And not just any ole party but the party of the century. And every one is invited, but the wealthy guy has only one rule. He has to meet you. He just wants to know who is coming into His house. He doesn’t want the party to get out of control. So in order to get in, you got to know the man.

And that is what it is all about…Jesus wants to know you, and He wants you to know Him. He loves you.

So if you want a relationship with Jesus, first acknowledge you have messed up; fallen short of God. Second, let Jesus know that you are thankful that He died for your crap. Third, ask Him into a relationship with you.

And this is only the beginning.

Every day, every moment, get to know who Jesus is, who God is, seek wisdom. And the best way to do this is to read the Bible. Some have a preference of what version, but I say just get into the Word. Start that relationship right now. Today.

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