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And yet…

How does one follow the last post? Choosing joy in spite of being absolutely miserable inside…I don’t know the answer. You just choose. You put one foot in front of the other.

And yet…

Here it is almost a year later and I am still choosing joy in spite of being so unhappy.

I sometimes feel like a foreigner living in a foreign land. I love my town. I love the people and yet…I feel like an alien.

And yet…I seem to like yets and pauses…I use them a lot. That is kind of what this blog is about pauses, reflection, the yets.

A friend struck a chord with me this morning. She said she was going to buy an RV and put a juicer in it and travel the country heralding the virtues of juicing. Oh, if only life were so simple and blissful. Traveling and juicing.

It seems that all the things we set out to do when we started this blog have been destroyed. Was it the enemy? Were we naive? What happened to family? What happened?

Such lofty dreams of making a difference; of loving each other. But we have made bad choices. Choices I take full responsibility for.

I can’t undo my choices. I don’t even know how to fix them.

I may not seem like it, but I really am trying to choose joy. I really am trying to press on toward the prize. Tomorrow I will go and dance with all my heart for Jesus who loves me…sinner and all.

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A JoKars Tale

Well, we finally got some pictures up of our journey from Ohio to Oregon. My wonderful photographer, Michaela, took almost 400 pictures…mostly of the scenery. So after much editing, we narrowed it down to 70 or so, and made a video for your viewing pleasure.

At first in making it we thought we wouldn’t be able to create it because it had so many pictures, but the new Muvee Reveal allowed us to use that many…and many more if we wanted. But we thought we would spare you the endless landscape pictures! Michaela is a great photographer though, so it was hard to narrow it down.

Because Michaela was in a different vehicle than myself, Josiah, Kira, Hanna and Nehemiah, she didn’t get very many phots of us. But I hope you enjoy a glimpse of our trip from Ohio to Oregon….

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Day 3 (Friday, July 30th)

We have been living on faith for quite a while. Yeah, sometimes we make choices based not on faith but on fear. But for the most part, we have tried very hard to live each day as God would have us live. We set out from Ohio on faith that God would get us to where He wants. Yes, we had a plan of getting to Oregon by noon on Saturday, but we KNOW God is in control. And we are thrilled that he is! We are not omnipotent. We make plans based on the knowledge we have, but if our plans change that just means God knows something we don’t! LOL

Today (Friday the 30th), we were making great time across the states. We had a fantastic night’s sleep in eastern Nebraska, and were on the road by 7 am. We were trying to make a curving pass in Utah before nightfall. Josiah and I were well rested and driving ahead of Papa Joe’s crew. We were trying to find a place to get food with the EBT (foodstamps), and decided to give Buford, WY a try. They didn’t, but they are great capitalists! Joe caught up with my gang while we were there. We headed back out together onto the interstate. As Joe was going up the on ramp, steam came pouring out of the truck. Josiah quickly pulled behind him. After seeing all of the antifreeze on the ground, we tried to back down the ramp. A patrol man came behind me and wouldn’t allow us to do that though. We sent Josiah to walk back to the store for antifreeze. After a few minutes of sitting in the vehicles, the officer told us that we could use an emergency turn around just up the road. So I went and picked up Josiah, and he bought antifreeze while I got some water from the restroom. It cost him $20 for diluted antifreeze! We headed back to the truck. Joe tried to fix the sprung hose which was the result of a half broken connector piece. We put all the liquid in and headed back on the road. After only a few miles, again steam and liquid poured forth from the truck. This time the other side of the connector was busted.

We decided my crew would drive to Laramie which was 20 miles ahead and get the part and more antifreeze. Off we went, leaving Joe who was quite frustrated and the other kids on the side of the interstate in the truck. When I pulled away, Petra went into hysterical laughter which made all of them break into laughing. I think this must have broken some tension because when I got back with the $3 part they were all laughing and enjoying the “rollercoaster” otherwise known as large trucks driving by.

Joe quickly had the part put in and the truck up and running. We were on the road again.

Later that day, we stopped to get gas. Before pulling out Joe noticed he didn’t have any lights on the trailer, and it was dusk. After trying to fix the problem, we decided to park and call it a night. We were at Point of Rocks, WY.

Some might say that God has shown us favor on this trip. I disagree. I think God wants to show favor to all those who are co-heirs with Christ all the time. Sometimes though, we live lives that leave no room for God to show His love. This trip has left lots of opportunities for God to show His love and mercy to us. When Joe broke down the second time, he had plenty of room to pull off the freeway. Another half a mile (which he couldn’t see) was one lane construction and the highest elevation of our trip 8600 feet. It could have been far worse for his hose to come off just around the corner.

We did have a plan of Joe attending his 20 year high school reunion, but God had other plans. We gladly step aside and let him lead.

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