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Pie Anyone?

With our very challenging economic times, the temptation might be to hold on to our possessions even tighter; or to buy things cheaply and store them away. But it is more important now, than ever before, that we release our things, give them away and give them away freely.

JoKars Wild has been very fortunate to have some generous people in our lives. As stated in Showers of Blessings, we have been given money and food and clothing. A couple of people have given us some extra house hold items they had…some knives and pie plates.

In our trailer we had 5 knives and one pie plate. We now have 6 pie plates and 35 knives! But even with our large family, this is way more than we need. I don’t think I would ever make more than 4 pies at a time, and we only need the one best knife for its job (carver, chopper, bread, etc)…after all I only have one hand to cut with!

So I will soon go through the pie plates and knives and pick out the ones I need. The rest will go to a local charity.

It is so important that we exercise the generosity of the people who gave me the household items, and get rid of the things that clutter our lives. We spend so much time and energy buying stuff we don’t need; that is only going to break or collect dust in a matter of days…my self included. I don’t want to go back to that. I don’t want to live that kind of life again.

Please, don’t let stuff control your life. Give your life to Jesus and let him control it.

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Our Journey Has Begun!

What a day! Yesterday, Papa Joe took a load to the dump, dropped our utility trailer off, relocated a freezer, emptied our house, and loaded our truck and camper trailer! The realtor representing the bank inspected our home and gave us $500. I cleaned and organized and ran errands. All the kids helped a tremendous bit especially the oldest ones! Josiah and Michaela went to youth group to say good-bye to some friends. Many tears were shed. Many prayers were whispered.

Thank you to all the people who have helped us on this journey. Thank you for your many, many prayers. Thank you for your generosity. You have shown us what love is. Thank you.

As we enter this next step in our adventure, we are unsure if we even have enough money to get us all the way to Oregon. We are unsure whether we have enough money for food. We don’t know whether the truck will do well on the Rocky Mountains. I am unsure of my abilities as a cross country driver. I am thankful that I have my fifteen year old son to share the driving load with me. I don’t know what tomorrow brings. I don’t know how far we will get.

Here is what I do know. God WILL take care of us. God LOVES us. God has a plan. God is a great God! And He loves you.

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Free Sale

Many years ago, my husband and I had our vehicle broken into while at a church picnic. The thief stole my husband’s bag which contained a special Bible and other “religious” stuff. Our friends and ourselves gathered together and prayed that the thief would somehow be blessed by this gain. We prayed that he might open up that Bible and read it. We prayed that God would be glorified in our loss.

This Friday, we had a free sale at our house. Everything in the house was free. We talked beforehand that someone might use our loss for their gain. But isn’t that what Christ died for? His loss is our gain. So that is what we prayed for…that our loss would be someone’s gain. And it wasn’t up to us to choose who got the gain.

Early on in our Free Sale, a man stopped who happened to be driving by. He was quite shocked that everything was free. Now, we didn’t have a lot of junk. Most of our stuff was our higher ticket items that hadn’t sold (like a barely used weight bench and 2 computer cabinets that were fairly new), as well as stuff we couldn’t use in the trailer (like all our dishes and unopened soaps and shampoos that had been stocked up).

Well, this man was quite amazed that everything was free. He took the things he needed or wanted like canning jars, but nothing more. Later he came back looking very sheepish. He said he had something for us and hoped we wouldn’t be offended. He then opened his truck and gave us a box of vegetables and canned goods.

He was grinning from ear to ear. He said, “You see, this is why I wanted your jars. I can.” He went on to share how he didn’t have much, but wanted to give something in return for our generosity. He said how he was worried about the economy and had decided he would use what he had…his land…to grow as much food as he could. He told me about building their home in a barn left to them by family. He said he was doing everything he could just to get by.

I told him Jesus loves him. He almost started crying, but instead gave me a hug.

Another family came by and were also blown away that everything was free. They really needed a bed for their 13-year-old (which we had). The father exclaimed about how awful things were going financially for them. They had also been hit hard by this economy. They were so grateful.

Another man popped his head in the door (he thought it was a garage sale) and asked if we had a twin box spring for sale. I said, “No, it’s free!” He was delighted!

I think the greatest blessing of the day was for me though. I was so blessed by being able to give. I was also blessed by my friends stopping by just to say hello and see how we are. What a blessing that was! Being that we are so removed from town, it is not easy for others to stop by, so I am very, very thankful for that!

I wish I could have a Free Sale every day. I think that more resembles how we are to live. It should be our mindset. We are so concerned about being swindle and bamboozled that we don’t give freely. Yes, we have been cheated out of money in our adventure, but so what? God can give it all back in a heartbeat. Maybe, just maybe, God wanted to use us to show His love. I know I’ve tried. I hope those who we have interacted with see God’s love.

And I also know that I have seen Christ in them.

‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.’ Matthew 25:40

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JoKars Wild Update

It was a tough week for us here at JoKars Wild this past week. Our electricity was schedule to be shut off on Saturday morning. Being that we have well water this meant that we would also have no water. We had already extended it a week and had no resources to pay the bill. But someone stepped up to the plate and paid our bill. Thank you!

We also have not been able to drive our pick up truck for quite a few weeks. The brakes were seized up on one side. The truck also needed new tires. Another individual offered to pay for our tires. Joe had gotten some money a couple of weeks ago and bought new brakes to put on. At that time we didn’t know they had seized up on one side. After much struggle and frustration, Joe was not able to fix the passenger side.

So Friday, he decided to take truck into town to get the new tires and hope they could unfreeze the brake. His plan was then to finish fixing it at home. But the repair center did it all and didn’t charge us for the brake repair! So we now have new tires and new brakes on our truck. Praise God.

Since our truck is now operational, we can finish emptying our home and be on the road. We have decided to have everything that is left in our house be given away for free…a Free Sale. It is this Friday from 10-4. Our plan (and I am fully aware that “our plans” are not always God’s plan) is to hit the road on Monday, July 26th. This would allow us to be in Prineville, OR by July 30th for Joe’s high school reunion.

Today we gave our cat away. It was hard for everyone to see her go. We have had Ali for 11 years. She has been a part of our family for a long time. She came with us from Oregon 10 years ago. I hope she will be happy.

We also received another sizable amount to help with our gas expenses. This is a huge plus as driving to Columbus to take Josiah to the zoo gets kind of spendy. But we feel it is worth it. He is worth it.

If you have been to our website lately, you may have noticed little changes. I finished creating our website through FrontPage only to find out that our host doesn’t allow us to do that. So I have to go through and change each thing online. It is a slow process. I am thankful for the knowledge God has given me and for having a technologically gifted husband 😉 Overall, I don’t think I’ve done too bad for my first website. I am hoping to keep learning more though. And maybe I might meet some website savvy friends along the way who can give me tips.

Thank you all for your prayers. Please don’t stop. Please pray that we are able to leave by Monday, that everything that needs to be done, gets done! Pray for more funds. Pray for opportunities and direction. Please pray that we can make it through the letting go…:(…it’s good, but painful…

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Just Asking…

Yesterday on “The Testing of My Faith“, I wrote of my longing for others to partner with us in our struggle, to pray for us, to encourage us.

That prayer was answered in a wonderful way by a friend posting about our website on Facebook. It was so encouraging to hear him say that God told him to post it. Thank you, Lord! This got me thinking about the verse that says “ask and it will be given to you”. I started thinking about the things that we want, need, desire. What if I ask? So I am asking. I am asking God to bless JoKars Wild. If you feel led, join us in prayer for these things…

Lord, please grant us with…

  1. Working/running water for the rest of the stay at our house.
  2. No flies, ants, fleas, mosquitos, etc. hounding us day in day out.
  3. A local place to hook-up from July 31-Aug 5 or ability to return on Aug 4th for Kira’s orthodontist appointment.
  4. The brakes to be fixed on our truck.
  5. The ability to leave this area after the 5th.
  6. Money for gas to leave and travel.
  7. Eyes to see the needs of people, ears to hear the desire of Your heart.
  8. Gift my hands in playing music and bring opportunity for me to lead others in closer worship with You.
  9. A way for Papa Joe to earn money using his tremendous gifts and abilities.
  10. Solar panels installed on our trailer for greater flexibility of travel.
  11. The ability to be off of food stamps and medical assistance.
  12. Wisdom in how to prepare/store/buy food for a family of ten living in a trailer.
  13. Opportunities to counsel couples and families.
  14. Protect the teens in our lives and show them their lives have tremendous value.
  15. Give us generous hearts.
  16. Better sound equipment (guitar, keyboard, mixer, speakers).
  17. Continued physical healing for myself.
  18. The ability to be cleared out of our house by July 30th.
  19. Sellers to buy our remaining stuff.
  20. People to adopt our cat, dog and chickens.

I know this was all rather random, but each one is important to us.

Thank you, Lord, for your provision. I know you will provide every need. May You be glorified in everything we do.

“Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you.” Matthew 7:7

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To Leave by July 30th

As part of our agreement to be off the property by July 30th, the bank is paying us $500. This is great because we really need the money. The hard part is we still need money to fix the brakes on our truck. We can’t pull off the property with out new brakes. Also, without the brakes being fixed, we can’t bring stuff to Goodwill, we can’t put things in storage, we can’t bring garbage to the dump, and we can’t bring the recycling into town. Almost everything is at a stand still because of the brakes.

Well, not everything. I am able to devote time to getting our website up and running. We are having some technical difficulties with that, but are hoping to have it up real soon. Also, I am still not fully recovered from my fall, so it is hard for me to do much physical activity. This forces me to take it easy.

If you think of us, please pray for my healing and for provision for the brakes on our truck.

Thank you, God, for Your provision and healing in advanced. I know You have it all worked out.

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29 Days…

We received notification that we must be off of our property by July 30th.

I am thrilled and nervous. It is kind of nice to have a date that we have to be gone. But now we need to know where we are going. And we need money to get there. God will provide though.

Any ideas as to where JoKars Wild should go first?

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Moving Foward

We have gotten a few nibbles on some of our items we have for sale. Joe has them all listed on Craigslist. We captured some of our hens last night, so I should be able to sell them today. God also seems to be working in our hearts about what he wants us to do. Please keep praying for direction and provision. It is so hard to keep the faith when everything seems stacked against you. If you read this could you do me a favor and leave a comment. I want to know if anyone is reading these. Thanks

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Moving Sale Over…Sort of…

Our moving sale is officially over but we still have our signs up, and we have had customers come today. We will keep the doors open as long as we have stuff to sell. We still need to find a home for our dalmation/beagle dog, our long haired black cat, and some of our chickens. I am thinking the roosters might become dinner if I can figure out how to butcher easily enough. We still have several big items that we want to sell like a table saw, weight bench, 2 couches, and 2 large computer work stations. We did sell a lot of stuff though and some things we weren’t really thinking about. Like we sold our pavers around our garden and a large stone in our front yard. We also sold some light fixtures and ceiling fans. We were going to sell our front door, but decided that wouldn’t be wise. So if you are in our area, come on by and see if we have anything you could use.

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Moving Sale

The Moving Sale is going on right now. Slower than I would wish but it isn’t that bad. We live in a bad location for sales. I am greatful for how much we have sold though. It is Sunday afternoon. We have one more day of our sale. Monday night we will bring items in the house and then list the larger items on Craig’s List. God has really blessed the weather for our sale. It would have been difficult to cover things or bring them in for rain. We are not supposed to have any rain till Monday night. Thank you, Lord for that. I am struggling with coming up with meals for the family that don’t cost a lot and don’t take up much storage space. The kids like having cereal for breakfast and quite frankly I like the convienence, but it takes up too much cupboard space. So I have gone back to making breakfast like I use to do before I was pregnant with Nehemiah, but it does make things complicated in the morning. Four of the kids sleep in the kitchen, so I can’t just go in first thing and start breakfast. I have to wait till all the kids have their bedding put away and are out of the way or work with little ones underfoot. Any ideas for some easy, inexpensive breakfast options?

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