And yet…

How does one follow the last post? Choosing joy in spite of being absolutely miserable inside…I don’t know the answer. You just choose. You put one foot in front of the other.

And yet…

Here it is almost a year later and I am still choosing joy in spite of being so unhappy.

I sometimes feel like a foreigner living in a foreign land. I love my town. I love the people and yet…I feel like an alien.

And yet…I seem to like yets and pauses…I use them a lot. That is kind of what this blog is about pauses, reflection, the yets.

A friend struck a chord with me this morning. She said she was going to buy an RV and put a juicer in it and travel the country heralding the virtues of juicing. Oh, if only life were so simple and blissful. Traveling and juicing.

It seems that all the things we set out to do when we started this blog have been destroyed. Was it the enemy? Were we naive? What happened to family? What happened?

Such lofty dreams of making a difference; of loving each other. But we have made bad choices. Choices I take full responsibility for.

I can’t undo my choices. I don’t even know how to fix them.

I may not seem like it, but I really am trying to choose joy. I really am trying to press on toward the prize. Tomorrow I will go and dance with all my heart for Jesus who loves me…sinner and all.

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    Howard Becker said,

    As we look back on our life/travels and wonder what happened to our goals/plans we need to look closely. What did we really want to do? I wanted to help people, raise a close family while maintaining and nuturing those family and friends I already had. I could look back and say “I failed!”. Divorced! Sons who don’t talk to each other! Helping others often marred with strife,

    However, did I really fail?

    I have given my life to the LORD.
    I am close to my siblings and their offspring.
    I have been a positive in many lives.
    One of my sons has the family I was raised in, 8 kids-a loving wife, all raised with love and a close relationship with GOD.
    Both of my sons have done great things that glorifiy the LORD.
    The little influence I have had on my Sons has been shared many times over with what they have done for others.
    Able to use my resources to help others.

    So, did I fail?

    I don’t feel like GOD thinks so. HE has more for me to do when I am willing.

    Kara, you must dance, sing and love because in those you truly glorify the LORD!

  2. 2

    Angela Glenn said,

    I send my love and prayers! PLEASE let me know if there is anything I can do.

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