So Called Christians

No follow-up on the property management company. They never called back. Interestingly, I was told to call them because “They’re owned by Christians.”

The RV park in town is also managed by a Christian. But after a long wait we got a letter that they would not make an exception to renting to us on the claim that they are not a long-term RV park. Let’s forget about the fact that I was only looking for a short-term stay, and I know someone who was there at that time “long-term”.

It really irks me that people make claims about doing business with someone because they are a Christian. I am not looking to only do business with Christians. No, I would much rather to business with people who are ethical…moral…honest. And it seems that lately these are not the qualities of most Christians.

For each person who comes into the store, I try my best to treat them with as much kindness and love as I can. It doesn’t matter to me if they are buying a Christian book or devil worship book. I appreciate tips in the cafe when I get them, but I’m not expecting them. I would much rather the person keep their tip money if they need it.

I find it interesting though that most of the Christians that come into our store never tip. When we have “Christian” events, I’m used to the fact that I won’t get many tips. We once had some heavy metal bands come and perform in our Lizard Lounge. We had 100 people in, and I made like $15 on tips that night. Couple of days later we had 80 people in for a Christian band. I made $2.

This isn’t going to stop my loving on people or having Christian events, but I really think it is sad. As Christians, we should be known for our generosity…not our cheapness. We should give freely…after all we have a wealthy, generous God. We should be know for our honesty, our kindness. Something is really messed up if we aren’t known as such.

We need to wake up, Christians…myself included. Just because something is legal doesn’t mean that it is moral or ethical. Just because it is social acceptable doesn’t make it right.

Have a moment? Go and read this blog.

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    I agree wholeheartedly. Isn’t that what drew people to Christianity in the early church … “because of their love for one another?”

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