Moving by Prayer

We live in a very cute 2 bedroom house with about 800 sq feet and an awesome laundry/mudroom. We also have one acre that has fruit trees, a fire pit, room for our goat and chickens, and a play structure for the kids to have fun on. It’s a great property, and a small old house.

Yet, we have to find a new place to live. We only just moved to this house 6 weeks ago, but it has gone downhill from day one and today became the last straw.

From home repairs, cleaning, poor heat, not able to have renter’s insurance and, now, aggressive neighbors, we find that we must move and soon.

This is no easy feat for us. No, it is not because we have a lot of stuff. It is because it is difficult to find a place that will rent to us.

By law, we have to rent a 5 bedroom apt/home. This leaves us very few options since currently there are no 5 bedroom anythings in Prineville. We would buy a place, but lender’s won’t even give us the time of day till we have 2 years tax returns for our business. We would rent a space for our RV, but we exceed the park’s occupancy restrictions. So we are at the mercy of hoping to find a homeowner willing to rent to us…and prayer.

It sure is a good thing we have prayer.

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    I wonder if politically correct people would include discrimination against large families among their axes to grind?

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