My Friend

So I have this friend. She is my closest friend. I almost feel bad saying that since I haven’t spoken to her in a couple of months. I also haven’t seen her for several years. But I know that at any moment. I could call her and she would be there. I know that if I needed a place to stay, I could stay with her. I would really, really love to see her, talk with her, catch up on our lives.

But I have a life…a separate life…that at the moment doesn’t allow me much free time. On my family’s one day off, we are usually having to catch up on cleaning and laundry and trying to hang out a little bit together. It’s hard. Times are hard. We are doing what we have to do to get by.

A local bus driver came into the store today. I asked him how his summer vacation was going. He said he just got back from Florida. I asked if his wife had been able to go with him (since I knew she owns a business). He said, “No, you know how it is when you own your own business.”

Boy, do I ever!

Even though I would love to see my friend, and I know she would love to see me, she isn’t mad at me for not coming to see her. She isn’t holding a grudge. She isn’t complaining or whinning. No, actually, if she could arrange it, she would find a way to come see me.

That’s love. That’s why she’s my friend. And sometimes friends are more valuable than family.

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