Look Before Crossing

What do you do when crossing the street? You look both ways. Everyone (unless they are stupid) looks both ways. Why? Well, to make sure there are no cars coming. It is just common sense.

Does it mean you lack faith in God if you look both ways? The Bible does say to trust in the Lord God. So why look both ways if you are trusting in God to take care of you? Why brush your teeth? Why eat well? Why exercise?

Why? Because God created man so He could have a relationship with him. From the very beginning God walked with man. Yeah, we screwed it up, but all along it has been God’s plan to be in relationship with us. Christ died so that we could have a relationship with God.

When my husband and I began talking prior to conceiving Nehemiah about whether or not we wanted to have any more children. We were using a method called Natural Family Planning. Basically it is a method where the woman knows her body’s symptoms of ovulation. (I highly recommend every woman know what is happening when she is ovulating.) Being that I always know when I am ovulating, it was easy for me to avoid pregnancy.

As we began 2009, we knew that we needed to make some decisions as to our long-term plans regarding children. I was 35, and would be 36 by the time a child came. Also, our youngest would be 3 by then…the largest age gap for us. So we decided that if God wanted us to have another child we would try for one month only. No, I shouldn’t say try. We wouldn’t prevent.

So needless to say, Nehemiah was conceived…yep, I am that fertile. So the plan was that after the one month or after the birth, we would seek sterilization.

So a couple of months after Nehemiah’s birth, Joe had a vasectomy. This was not an easy decision and one we didn’t make alone.

We made this decision in partnership with God. I believe completely…fully…that I am not to have any more biological children. I am at peace about that. But even though I am a peace, and I know God can and does heal, my husband and I still chose to have a vasectomy. Does this mean I lack faith? NO! I know that I am a very fertile. I know my husband is fertile. Man has come up with the tools to make a couple sterile safely. So my husband and I used those tools to ensure that we not have any more children. I know God can still work around that. But like I said…I believe completely that I will not have any more biological children.

I know God can also stop a moving car. I know God can heal me if I was just slammed to the pavement since didn’t look both ways. But even though I know those things, I still use the crosswalk. I still look both ways. And even with my precautions, if God were to allow me to be hit by a car, I know God would still be in control.

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    Cindy Knull said,

    I did not realize you guys made that decision about the vasectomy. Yes, we have faith in God, but we also don’t tempt Him with stupidity. It would be stupid to cross the street without looking. That’s what common sense is for, God gave us common sense, therefore, when we use it we are trusting in Him to help us in avoiding tragic consequences.

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