The “Sir Bourbon”

Over a year ago, I wrote about the last time my family traveled together in one vehicle. Since then we have been traveling in two vehicles…a Honda Civic and a Ford pick-up. Also, with Joe, Josiah and Michaela often working/schooling a half hour away, it has left me with 6 kids and only a 5 passenger vehicle. Doing errands or field trips has been very difficult for me the last few months.

In September, I asked about knowledge of a vehicle for our family. Well, one reader responded to that request and has allowed us the use of his Suburban for as long as we need.

So this Saturday, JoKars Wild took a road trip into the Ochoco National Forests.

Stein's Pillar

We had a wonderful time singing Taylor Swift and Christmas songs. We saw a fox, many deer, and two cow heads. (Yeah, gross.) We got the “Sir Bourbon” thoroughly muddy and had an overall delightful time.

Thank you for your prayers. Thank you to the generosity of my faithful reader. But most importantly, thank you, Lord, for Your continual provision. Once again, I am humbled and blessed.

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    […] comfortable in the passenger seat as Joe navigates through the snow with our 4 wheel-drive “Sir Bourbon“, which is what one of the kids dubbed our vehicle. The scenery is beautiful. The evergreen […]

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