“Muvee” Makin’

With our homeschooling, we believe in letting the kids pursue their own interests. We try our best as parents to give them the tools they need to pursue their interests.

Yesterday, Michaela asked me how people made the music videos with personal pictures. I told her that there was software for it, and that we had it on the computer. At first I pointed her to PowerPoint, but that didn’t quite work out. Then she found a program no one had used yet that had come with the computer. It is called Muvee (I think). She quickly figured out how to make her very own music video.

Kira was Michaela’s faithful assistant during the video making. After making one video, Kira got to be the publisher using my computer. I had created a YouTube account the day before, so she posted the videos and labeled them on YouTube.

Here is one of the family…

And another on life in the trailer… 

Michaela hopes to make more…now that she has a couple under her belt. She also hopes some day soon to get a new camera that is better than our cell phone cameras. She would like to be the one responsible for photos on our blogs/website. I must say that thrills me. I am not much of a photographer. I seem to remember after the fact about taking a photo. Also, I just don’t have the heart for it. Although, I really love seeing beautiful photographs and am very thankful I have so many skilled photographer friends.

We will see where this interest takes her…


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  1. 1

    ida said,

    VERY COOL!!!!!

  2. 2

    Cindy Knull said,

    She did a great job!!

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