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Another Days Journey

It is nearing the end of day two of our journey across the country. We left last night at 10 from our old house. At midnight, we pulled into Wal-Mart and decided to boondock for a while. Boondocking is basically staying somewhere with no hook-ups. For our drive we are separated into two vehicles. Papa Joe has Michaela, Elijah, Azariah, and Petra along with Bailey (our dog) in his pick-up pulling the trailer. I have Josiah, Kira, Hanna, and Nehemiah along with Charlie (our other dog) in our Honda Civic.

We found out that if Papa Joe goes faster than 60 he tends to fishtail. He needs to get this like tripod hitch thing, but we didn’t have the money for it. So we are taking it slow…much to the other drivers’ disgust. Josiah and I are taking turns driving, but Joe is doing it all by himself.

So at midnight last night, two of my passengers decided they didn’t want to sleep in the car, so I took Hanna and Nehemiah into the trailer to crash. Now you would think we could all go to sleep in there, but while we are traveling we have our outdoor stuff in there. Maybe in time it will be usable, but for this journey only the couch and Nehemiah’s crib which we put in the living room are accessible. So Hanna and I shared the couch, Nehemiah went into his crib, and Kira slept on a little spot on the floor. Josiah slept in the Honda and the rest of the gang slept in the truck.

We didn’t sleep long though. At 3 we were ready to hit the road again. We stopped again at 6, so Joe could sleep. I was exhausted but unfortunately had no way to sleep since Nehemiah and Hanna were UP! So I took them into Wal-Mart, and we got breakfast…dry cereal and Sunny D. I have no idea where either of those stops were which made me think of my friend’s the Watkins and their blog “Where the FuhKaui?”

We have had wet pants, poopy dog, smeared bananas, near death experiences, and have listened to “Lover, Lover, Lover” at least 50 times on the radio. We also had a rather interesting encounter.

Around 1 we stopped for a break. I had gone in the trailer to nurse Nehemiah. Everyone else sat in the shade at a rest stop. A man walked over to our clan and started talking to Joe. At first he just mentioned how cute our dogs are and then he asked some questions, like where are we headed and such. He then asked if we had enough gas money to get there. Joe said no, only as far as Nebraska probably. He then said that God had told him to come talk to us. He gave Joe $60, and also offered some food, but Joe turned that down…such a humble man! I am still quite amazed by this gesture.

God has protected us from crazy drivers and has kept the trailer moving down the road. While I believe in God’s provision, I am still amazed. Simply amazed.

As I write this, it is 9:30 at night. My crew is wired! We are searching for a Wal-Mart, so we can lay our head down for a while. And hopefully get some food to eat. Thank you, Lord, we love you. You are amazing!

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Our Journey Has Begun!

What a day! Yesterday, Papa Joe took a load to the dump, dropped our utility trailer off, relocated a freezer, emptied our house, and loaded our truck and camper trailer! The realtor representing the bank inspected our home and gave us $500. I cleaned and organized and ran errands. All the kids helped a tremendous bit especially the oldest ones! Josiah and Michaela went to youth group to say good-bye to some friends. Many tears were shed. Many prayers were whispered.

Thank you to all the people who have helped us on this journey. Thank you for your many, many prayers. Thank you for your generosity. You have shown us what love is. Thank you.

As we enter this next step in our adventure, we are unsure if we even have enough money to get us all the way to Oregon. We are unsure whether we have enough money for food. We don’t know whether the truck will do well on the Rocky Mountains. I am unsure of my abilities as a cross country driver. I am thankful that I have my fifteen year old son to share the driving load with me. I don’t know what tomorrow brings. I don’t know how far we will get.

Here is what I do know. God WILL take care of us. God LOVES us. God has a plan. God is a great God! And He loves you.

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Free Sale

Many years ago, my husband and I had our vehicle broken into while at a church picnic. The thief stole my husband’s bag which contained a special Bible and other “religious” stuff. Our friends and ourselves gathered together and prayed that the thief would somehow be blessed by this gain. We prayed that he might open up that Bible and read it. We prayed that God would be glorified in our loss.

This Friday, we had a free sale at our house. Everything in the house was free. We talked beforehand that someone might use our loss for their gain. But isn’t that what Christ died for? His loss is our gain. So that is what we prayed for…that our loss would be someone’s gain. And it wasn’t up to us to choose who got the gain.

Early on in our Free Sale, a man stopped who happened to be driving by. He was quite shocked that everything was free. Now, we didn’t have a lot of junk. Most of our stuff was our higher ticket items that hadn’t sold (like a barely used weight bench and 2 computer cabinets that were fairly new), as well as stuff we couldn’t use in the trailer (like all our dishes and unopened soaps and shampoos that had been stocked up).

Well, this man was quite amazed that everything was free. He took the things he needed or wanted like canning jars, but nothing more. Later he came back looking very sheepish. He said he had something for us and hoped we wouldn’t be offended. He then opened his truck and gave us a box of vegetables and canned goods.

He was grinning from ear to ear. He said, “You see, this is why I wanted your jars. I can.” He went on to share how he didn’t have much, but wanted to give something in return for our generosity. He said how he was worried about the economy and had decided he would use what he had…his land…to grow as much food as he could. He told me about building their home in a barn left to them by family. He said he was doing everything he could just to get by.

I told him Jesus loves him. He almost started crying, but instead gave me a hug.

Another family came by and were also blown away that everything was free. They really needed a bed for their 13-year-old (which we had). The father exclaimed about how awful things were going financially for them. They had also been hit hard by this economy. They were so grateful.

Another man popped his head in the door (he thought it was a garage sale) and asked if we had a twin box spring for sale. I said, “No, it’s free!” He was delighted!

I think the greatest blessing of the day was for me though. I was so blessed by being able to give. I was also blessed by my friends stopping by just to say hello and see how we are. What a blessing that was! Being that we are so removed from town, it is not easy for others to stop by, so I am very, very thankful for that!

I wish I could have a Free Sale every day. I think that more resembles how we are to live. It should be our mindset. We are so concerned about being swindle and bamboozled that we don’t give freely. Yes, we have been cheated out of money in our adventure, but so what? God can give it all back in a heartbeat. Maybe, just maybe, God wanted to use us to show His love. I know I’ve tried. I hope those who we have interacted with see God’s love.

And I also know that I have seen Christ in them.

‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.’ Matthew 25:40

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We are in this season of depending on God, and I find it amazing that God offers things we didn’t even ask for. (As an aside, shouldn’t we always be in a season of depending on God?)

I find great pleasure in the simplest things like…receiving 2 coupons for a free McD’s Frappe, receiving $1.30 off /gallon in gas, and a free trial offer of Muvee Reveal.

After my other post of Michaela’s video making skills using Muvee, my father-in-law went and bought Michaela a new camera on Amazon. Some of you may have seen her multitude of photos posted on Facebook. LOL. I think the girl’s got talent.

Michaela spent an afternoon with the girls while I was at the zoo with the boys and put together this great video of them being carefree. The song she put with the video fits so much with our life right now. It is our theme song…”No, we ain’t got a lot of money…All we need is love!” But unfortunately, the owner of the song pulled it. 😦 So I guess you will just have to watch without the music.

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Papa Joe

I was asking a man the other day about a recent personal issue we had been dealing with. He quickly responded with, “Oh, that’s old news…like 5 years ago.” 

I was watching Leap Year the other day. The main guy would sit back and watch the girl make mistake after mistake. While in a rush she fell in mud. He smuggly said, “That makes it faster.”  I mean,what a jerk!

I was telling my husband that I was worried that I had dragged our family down this terrible path…living in an RV and everything. He responded, “You give yourself too much credit. Get over yourself.”

You might think that these three men are cold and distant…uncaring. Far from it though. The first guy cared enough to post our website on facebook…not once but 3 times. The guy in the movie singlehandedly beat up 3 guys to protect the girl when she got into a tight spot. My husband is giving up everything that the world calls success for God, my family, and me.  My husband cares more than I can ever imagine. Does he show it like you or I? No. But he is the first one to show up when someone needs help moving. He’s the one pulling over to help a fellow traveler with a flat tire. He’s the one driving to the hospital just to make sure a kid on the opposing team is OK. He would give the shirt off of his back to help someone in need.

It is for this greatness and insight that I love him. Is he all warm and fuzzy? No. He is like a lion. Ferocious. Intimidating. Demanding. Yet, he will fight off the intruders. He will protect and defend. He knows when the enemy is near and would never let anything harm us. He fights for honor, truth, and integrity. And he does it all with great humility. He is our rock.

I love you, Papa Joe. You are far more man than I deserve. May the world see your greatness.

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JoKars Wild Update

It was a tough week for us here at JoKars Wild this past week. Our electricity was schedule to be shut off on Saturday morning. Being that we have well water this meant that we would also have no water. We had already extended it a week and had no resources to pay the bill. But someone stepped up to the plate and paid our bill. Thank you!

We also have not been able to drive our pick up truck for quite a few weeks. The brakes were seized up on one side. The truck also needed new tires. Another individual offered to pay for our tires. Joe had gotten some money a couple of weeks ago and bought new brakes to put on. At that time we didn’t know they had seized up on one side. After much struggle and frustration, Joe was not able to fix the passenger side.

So Friday, he decided to take truck into town to get the new tires and hope they could unfreeze the brake. His plan was then to finish fixing it at home. But the repair center did it all and didn’t charge us for the brake repair! So we now have new tires and new brakes on our truck. Praise God.

Since our truck is now operational, we can finish emptying our home and be on the road. We have decided to have everything that is left in our house be given away for free…a Free Sale. It is this Friday from 10-4. Our plan (and I am fully aware that “our plans” are not always God’s plan) is to hit the road on Monday, July 26th. This would allow us to be in Prineville, OR by July 30th for Joe’s high school reunion.

Today we gave our cat away. It was hard for everyone to see her go. We have had Ali for 11 years. She has been a part of our family for a long time. She came with us from Oregon 10 years ago. I hope she will be happy.

We also received another sizable amount to help with our gas expenses. This is a huge plus as driving to Columbus to take Josiah to the zoo gets kind of spendy. But we feel it is worth it. He is worth it.

If you have been to our website lately, you may have noticed little changes. I finished creating our website through FrontPage only to find out that our host doesn’t allow us to do that. So I have to go through and change each thing online. It is a slow process. I am thankful for the knowledge God has given me and for having a technologically gifted husband 😉 Overall, I don’t think I’ve done too bad for my first website. I am hoping to keep learning more though. And maybe I might meet some website savvy friends along the way who can give me tips.

Thank you all for your prayers. Please don’t stop. Please pray that we are able to leave by Monday, that everything that needs to be done, gets done! Pray for more funds. Pray for opportunities and direction. Please pray that we can make it through the letting go…:(…it’s good, but painful…

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Preparing for the Battle!

So many people have asked where we are going, what are we going to do. I have no answer. But it is so much more than that.

We are not looking for typical employment. We are not looking at where should we park the trailer. We are not looking for the government to take care of us. We are not looking for someone to give us a hand out. We are not looking to pastor in a church or lead worship somewhere. We are not hoping to move in with family. We are not planning our vacation. We are not planning a travel route.

So what are those crazy Beckers doing?

We are speaking out. We are living by faith. We are choosing to spend time with our kids…lots and lots of time. We are building relationships, discipling them, equipping them. We are helping others when we see a need. We are trying to be ready for whatever God calls us for. We are choosing to live how we believe God wants us to live…simply, together, boldly and with love. We are preparing for a battle. You might think we are crazy, but a war is going on. We are simply preparing ourselves and our children for the battle. We can not sit back and be silent. We can not sit back and watch as our country is destroyed and our faith is being torn apart. We can not sit back while marriages fall apart. We can not sit back and let our children be molested and murdered.

We do not know our destination. We don’t know what tomorrow brings. But God does! We are preparing for the battle.

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Just Asking…

Yesterday on “The Testing of My Faith“, I wrote of my longing for others to partner with us in our struggle, to pray for us, to encourage us.

That prayer was answered in a wonderful way by a friend posting about our website on Facebook. It was so encouraging to hear him say that God told him to post it. Thank you, Lord! This got me thinking about the verse that says “ask and it will be given to you”. I started thinking about the things that we want, need, desire. What if I ask? So I am asking. I am asking God to bless JoKars Wild. If you feel led, join us in prayer for these things…

Lord, please grant us with…

  1. Working/running water for the rest of the stay at our house.
  2. No flies, ants, fleas, mosquitos, etc. hounding us day in day out.
  3. A local place to hook-up from July 31-Aug 5 or ability to return on Aug 4th for Kira’s orthodontist appointment.
  4. The brakes to be fixed on our truck.
  5. The ability to leave this area after the 5th.
  6. Money for gas to leave and travel.
  7. Eyes to see the needs of people, ears to hear the desire of Your heart.
  8. Gift my hands in playing music and bring opportunity for me to lead others in closer worship with You.
  9. A way for Papa Joe to earn money using his tremendous gifts and abilities.
  10. Solar panels installed on our trailer for greater flexibility of travel.
  11. The ability to be off of food stamps and medical assistance.
  12. Wisdom in how to prepare/store/buy food for a family of ten living in a trailer.
  13. Opportunities to counsel couples and families.
  14. Protect the teens in our lives and show them their lives have tremendous value.
  15. Give us generous hearts.
  16. Better sound equipment (guitar, keyboard, mixer, speakers).
  17. Continued physical healing for myself.
  18. The ability to be cleared out of our house by July 30th.
  19. Sellers to buy our remaining stuff.
  20. People to adopt our cat, dog and chickens.

I know this was all rather random, but each one is important to us.

Thank you, Lord, for your provision. I know you will provide every need. May You be glorified in everything we do.

“Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you.” Matthew 7:7

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Not as Hot as His Girlfriend!

In order to save on gas, I chose to spend hot, humid Thursday at or near the Columbus Zoo. 

Just like on “Independence Day”, I brought in the boys. Josiah had to report to work at 8:45. Since it was such an early morning with us leaving at 7:30, I treated the boys to donuts from the store, but this time we ate them at a nearby park.

It was our first time to Glacier Ridge Metro Park. My map readers lead us on the Red Oak Trail. It is only four-fifths of a mile, but it meanders through old growth forest. What a rare treat for Ohio! It reminded me of the many walks into the forests of Oregon. Oh, how I miss hiking in Oregon!

We found a path that wasn’t on our map. To get to it you walked a mowed path in the tall grasses and then it disappear into the forest. It reminded me of our paths in our “horse pasture” from two years ago…

We jostled the umbrella stroller over roots, stumps, and rocks. The boys collected acorns, moss, and, I think, hickory nuts. We also found some deer tracks.

At around noon, we were getting pretty hot, so we decided to head to the zoo. Elijah and Azariah had brought some birthday money with them, so they could go on a ride or two. After checking out the prices and rules, we decided to get them both a wrist band for the day, and that I would watch from the sides with Nehemiah. Now neither of the boys have ever been on any amusement park rides! They were so excited (and nervous)!

Hands down their favorite was the bumper cars!

We traversed the entire zoo for rides that weren’t high since Azariah said he was afraid of heights.We had plenty of times ince Josiah wasn’t off till 6. They went on the Carousel…

And on the boat ride…

Then back to the Carousel…

While on the Carousel, Elijah found an old ride coin. We asked the operator about it and she said you can still use them on any rides. So we headed to the train on the opposite side of zoo. This time we all got to ride!

By the end of the day, we were pretty hot and exhausted. But Azariah finally got enough courage and decided they would go on the roller coaster. Elijah and Azariah braved it together and alone since there was no one else on the ride. After getting off, Elijah didn’t look too good. He was done!

It was only 5, but we decided to head to the car anyway which was parked in the second to last row of the parking lot right next to the trolley stop. On our way out, Elijah was really feeling the heat and exhaustion of the day. We walked to the trolley, but it was out of service and being worked on. So we walked the 1/2 mile back to the car in the sweltering heat!

As we neared the car, I was guiding Elijah’s steps and Azariah pushed the stroller. Upon entering the car, I warned Elijah that it would be hot. He entered and exclaimed at how hot it was! Azariah responded by saying, “It’s not as hot as Josiah’s girlfriend.”

What a crack up he is!

I am so thankful that Elijah and Azariah got this opportunity. Every day with my kids is a blessing. And even though it was a long exhausting day, I am so thankful that we got to do all the things we did. Thank You, Lord.

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“Muvee” Makin’

With our homeschooling, we believe in letting the kids pursue their own interests. We try our best as parents to give them the tools they need to pursue their interests.

Yesterday, Michaela asked me how people made the music videos with personal pictures. I told her that there was software for it, and that we had it on the computer. At first I pointed her to PowerPoint, but that didn’t quite work out. Then she found a program no one had used yet that had come with the computer. It is called Muvee (I think). She quickly figured out how to make her very own music video.

Kira was Michaela’s faithful assistant during the video making. After making one video, Kira got to be the publisher using my computer. I had created a YouTube account the day before, so she posted the videos and labeled them on YouTube.

Here is one of the family…

And another on life in the trailer… 

Michaela hopes to make more…now that she has a couple under her belt. She also hopes some day soon to get a new camera that is better than our cell phone cameras. She would like to be the one responsible for photos on our blogs/website. I must say that thrills me. I am not much of a photographer. I seem to remember after the fact about taking a photo. Also, I just don’t have the heart for it. Although, I really love seeing beautiful photographs and am very thankful I have so many skilled photographer friends.

We will see where this interest takes her…

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