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Moving Sale

The Moving Sale is going on right now. Slower than I would wish but it isn’t that bad. We live in a bad location for sales. I am greatful for how much we have sold though. It is Sunday afternoon. We have one more day of our sale. Monday night we will bring items in the house and then list the larger items on Craig’s List. God has really blessed the weather for our sale. It would have been difficult to cover things or bring them in for rain. We are not supposed to have any rain till Monday night. Thank you, Lord for that. I am struggling with coming up with meals for the family that don’t cost a lot and don’t take up much storage space. The kids like having cereal for breakfast and quite frankly I like the convienence, but it takes up too much cupboard space. So I have gone back to making breakfast like I use to do before I was pregnant with Nehemiah, but it does make things complicated in the morning. Four of the kids sleep in the kitchen, so I can’t just go in first thing and start breakfast. I have to wait till all the kids have their bedding put away and are out of the way or work with little ones underfoot. Any ideas for some easy, inexpensive breakfast options?

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Moving Sale Tomorrow!

Well, Joe has worked and worked, and we are finally ready for our very large moving sale. Actually, everyone has helped so much, from watching/entertaining little ones to doing the laundry. We could not have gotten all this done without the help of our amazing kids! Now, I just pray that a lot of people come and take our stuff away. And that we make some money! But anyway it goes, I know that God will provide and He is in control. Come on over and see if we have anything that strikes your fancy.

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A House on Wheels

About a week ago, my three year old daughter, Hanna, brought me a book to read. Other than the school books all of the children’s book have been boxed up for weeks, but this was not one of the school books. I had never read it before and had no idea what it was about. It is called Carolina’s Courage. So I started reading it to some of the children. The book is about a New England family that decided to sell their farm and head west. Within a couple of pages of the book, it talks about the father saying they will buy a house on wheels. How funny. I had never heard a wagon called that…a house on wheels. Petra said, “We have a house on wheels too!” I was reading to the girls tonight, and the book was talking of the family getting rid of their possessions. There is a passage I want to share here… “What to take? What to leave? The questions sounded through the house during the day and often into the night, persistent as the ticking of the clock that stood on the mantel.” These are the questions that go through my mind, as well as many others. I find it bizarre that this was the book that Hanna had found and wanted read to her as we undergo similar circumstances 150 years later as we begin our journey into our “house on wheels”.

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RV Livin’

We have now been living in our RV for almost 2 weeks and cooking in it for one. I am absolutely in love with it, and can’t wait to be on the road. The house is still a mess and needs a lot of work to get it empty, but I have faith that we will get it done at the right time. I hope to put more on here in the future. It has been difficult for me to do anything online lately. I happen to be using the “kids” computer. Mine is having some major issues. I usually have to restart it at least once a day. But I know that these kinks will be worked out. Until then…

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Matthew 6:25-34

A big storm is about to fall upon us with threats of tornadoes. So we have had everyone come into the house for now. The kids are watching a classic movie from Netflix, Baby Geniuses. We have been working towards moving clothes into the trailer. I am amazed at how little we really need to get by. And I don’t mean simply, but richly. God truly clothes us with the finest garments. We are so blessed. We will be selling lots and lots of clothes at our moving sale. Speaking of moving sale…we are looking at starting to sell things come Wednesday, the 12th. So if you are in our neck of the woods stop on by and see if there is anything you want! We are up to our eyeballs in stuff! Well, it looks like the storm has passed us to the south…again, Thank You, Lord! “…He will certainly care for you!”

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Repairs are done!

The repairs have been finished since Tuesday. Now we have the daunting task of going from almost 3000 square feet of stuff and fitting it into less than 300. We have so many years worth of stuff. Some things are easy to get rid of and others you want to hold onto because you might need it someday. Then you have the stuff you know you will never need but they bring back memories. Like my gavel from my freshman year of high school which was given to me for being the most improved speaker. What do you do with such stuff? It is special to no one but me. I don’t want to display it. I have no use for it, but it does make me smile every time I see it. But is it worth putting into a storage unit month after month? The little kids think it is like Christmas around here. For a long time we haven’t had the space in the house to have out some of the toys. So the Marble Works came down today. What fun setting up the various ways the marbles can go down the shoot! The house is in quite a bit of disarray (which causes me a little anxiety). But it is nice to go to the trailer and be able to seek some refuge. We have less than two weeks to be out of the house! Pray for our sanity and also for God’s leading in where we should go.

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