Sick, Sick, Sick…

Last Wednesday, the 21st, I started getting sick. Some of my kids were already sick, but I only had a mild sore throat at that time. So by Thursday night, I was down for the count. We had worked on the trailer a little on Thursday afternoon, but as soon as the sun went behind a cloud, I started getting cold. Then the cold turned into chills. Then came the aches and pains. I am only just now recovering and so is my family. In all my years with children this is the most sick my family has been as a whole. Everyone has been affected. Even little Nehemiah. This has put us quite behind on the repair of the RV and preparations to move. But I know that with God’s grace we will pull through. I am still taking it fairly easy. Today will most likely just be a catch-up-the-laundry day.


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