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Soccer and Carrie Underwood

A few months ago we took our 15 passenger van into a repair shop to see what needed to be done to fix our brakes. We thought they needed replaced, but didn’t know how bad the situation was. All we knew was when we put our foot on the brake the van shook. We were expecting a couple hundred dollars for repairs. Well, after looking over the brakes the service guy said that it was far worse than we had expected. Long story short, it would cost us over $2000 to repair them. We didn’t have the money, so we decided to bring it home and not drive it for a while until we could get them repaired. Well, shortly after that, we were at our attorney’s office discussing the finer points of bankruptcy. After weighing the pros and cons, we decided to surrender the van in the bankruptcy. What this means is that we give the van back to the bank.

So given these two things, we were trying to only use our 5 passenger car and go without the van even though it ran fine, but shook when you stopped. But there were a few times when we all wanted to go somewhere…like to soccer.

We have 4 soccer players (like I mentioned in an earlier post). So to go in the car, we would have to have one parent hopping from game to game with the players. Also, we think it is important for everyone in the family to be there to cheer each other on. So we took the risk of driving the van.

Well, this Saturday we all headed to the park for our whirlwind soccer morning. It was a cold but great morning. Petra’s game got cancelled, but Elijah started out the morning swinging. He ran up and down that field, and his team did really good. Azariah snuck in 2 goals at the end of the game, and Kira held her own on defense.

After the games, we headed to the local grocery store to get some stuff for lunch. As we headed out of the parking lot our van started to go ”chunk, chunk, chunk”…and we weren’t even braking. We continued on our way. As we got on the road that leads to our house and still about 5 miles from home, it started making even more banging and rattling noises. We had no idea what was going on. It was moving and going, so we kept heading down the road. As we were going up a hill the racket got really loud like when you vacuum up a lego, and then just stopped. Whatever had been making the noise had somehow been rejected by the van. But yet the van was still running and strangely quiet. My first thought was maybe somehow in the parking lot we had gotten a branch stuck under the van and it had just worked its way free. But then Joe said, “We haven’t used the brakes.” Sure enough, as we started to go down the hill we had just climbed, there were no brakes.

I had a newspaper on my lap. I threw it onto my face and started say, “Oh, my goodness, oh, my goodness.” Then I prayed, “Lord, God, please get us home safely.” Thoughts came rushing through my mind of the baby and the kids. I didn’t think that we would be seriously injured. We weren’t going very fast, but I was thinking what if I went into labor over this and had to give birth on the side of the road! I know, silly thoughts of a pregnant lady! I had the newspaper on my face because I couldn’t bear to look at the road and what lay ahead. This road, as with most of the roads to our house, happens to have a lot of turns and very large hills. So there I am praying and playing through the worst case scenarios in my head.

Joe turns to me and says, “How about some music?” “Uh, sure”, I think, anything to take my mind off of the situation at hand. He turns on the radio and the words that come blaring out are, “Fifty miles to go and she was running low on faith and gasoline.” We all bust out laughing! And pick up on the lyrics and started singing along. “She was so scared, she threw her hands up in the air!” I took my hands off the newspaper I had been clutching and threw them in the air. “Jesus take the wheel, take it from our hands, we can’t do this on our own. We’re letting go, just give us one more chance. Save us from this road we’re on. Jesus take the wheel!”

I looked over at my husband. He was laughing and singing. I looked back at my kids. They were laughing and singing. We sang and laughed all the rest of the way home. My husband guided our large van home like a pro as if it was nothing. This was just another day’s drive. We got home and he backed the van into the parking spot. I said, “Is that so it’s easier for the tow truck to take it away?” He said, “Yep.” We got out of the van, and my husband had the kids clean out all of our possessions, so we didn’t have to go and clean it out once the van was taken away.

It was a wonderful soccer morning and a wonderful drive home. I am so blessed to have such an amazing husband and such an amazing God. Both care so much about me that they take all my worries away.

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